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How puzzling changes to your beauty routine can be!

Follow the White Rabbit down the Rabbit Hole into a whole new you!


Isigidi Beauty Services:

Skincare Products

Our Winners

  • Make-up and Skincare Courses

  • Yardley

  • Miss First Year Bloemfontein Finalist – 1989

  • Demonstrations

  • Clarins

  • Miss Technicon Bloemfontein Finalist 1989/90

  • Workshops

  • Estee Lauder

  • Mrs SA 2006 Finalist

  • Make Overs

  • Clinique

  • Tukkies Jool/Rag Queen Judge 2006


  • Elizabeth Arden

  • Miss. Helpnet Debutant Judge


  • Dior



  • Coty



  • Revlon



  • Elancyl



  • Dr. Banor



  • Dr. RA Eckstein



  • Almay



  • Aramis



  • Fine Fragrances





Let the White Rabbit help you become much more ‘muchier’, let your Style develop with the dedicated assistance from isiGidi Fashion.



  • Begin the process of Style with a one-on-one consultation where your needs and goals are assessed in order to fully determine your style.


  • A fundamental Wardrobe Education will give you Guidelines & Demonstrations on how to build diverse and individual looks.


  • Maximise your Style from a limited wardrobe, and tips on rotating your wardrobe.


  • Customize & Accessorise with Jewellery, Handbags, Outerwear, and Shoes.


  • Create an Everlasting Style Impression, create a Stylish Memory.

  • Contact Isigidi Fashion now to enquire about this service.