You often hear stories about how companies come together over a casual drink at the bar with friends, but that’s not how isiGidi came together.

isiGidi Group came together over a glass of wine and a desire to find something unique. We came together because we believe in better service and unique offerings.

isiGidi Beauty is where it all began. Our Founder, Gerda van Schalkwyk, started with looking great. isiGidi Fashion followed with the hottest trends at amazing prices. What makes it different is that it’s not about looking good once, it’s a lifestyle that we walk you through.

isiGidi Events and Décor  manages your events from ideas and conception through to completion with a style and grace that makes your event unforgettable.

isiGidi Print and Design takes your idea and gives it a visual look and feel. Anything is possible when we let our creativity flow.

The White Rabbit’s Blog is the idea home of the isiGidi mascot, the White Rabbit, where we share all our ideas that have come to pass.