Declutter your Closet

It's a New Year and along with it, we found ourselves repeating New Year's Resolutions. It's time to get fit, to become a better person, to update our style and be more organised? Sound familiar? The isiGidi Team are just as guilty of making resolutions and not sticking to them. So this year, we are trying to be better at it. And we set ourselves the challenge to start with decluttering our lives in January. 

This transformation is starting in our closet, because it probably needs it the most! 

Transforming our Closet

Step 1. Take absolutely everything you own out of the cupboard and drawers. It's time to painstakingly go through each and every single item of clothing. Sweep out the dust and turn your attention to the heap that now forms chaos on your bed. There are 7 questions that you need to answer for each item before you can put them back into your closet. 

  1. Does this fit? 
  2. Have I worn this in the last 12 months? 
  3. Will I ever wear this again?
  4. Is this currently in style, or does it accurately represent my current style? 
  5. Is it damaged in anyway? And will I actually make an effort to get it repaired? 
  6. If I was shopping now, would I buy this? 
  7. And the most important question for last, Do I feel confident wearing this? 

If you answered no, its time to say sayonara to them. If you want, put them into different piles such as: To be thrown away, To sell, For charity, etc. 

Perhaps you even have a group of friends that are comfortable enough to have a Clothes Swap Party. Check back into the blog later this month for a How to Host a Clothes Swap Party!

Step 2. Now that you have decided what items you are keeping, try to hang as many items in your closet as you can. Make sure that you can see the clothes, because if you can see it - you are more likely going to wear it.

Step 3. Fold your heavy clothes such as jerseys because they lose their shape when they are on a hangar. 

Step 4. Before you pack all your folded away clothes, decide on an organisation manner that is going to work for you. Perhaps you prefer everything to be in baskets, or colour co-ordinated. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest, so we suggest that you find a solution that works for you. 

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